Discover a unique place in the heart of the Basin of Arcachon, 40 minutes from Bordeaux, LE MOULIN DE CASSADOTTE  opens its doors.

Accompanied by a guide, learn the following subjects: History of the Moulin, breeding of the sturgeon, caviar production. Then let yourself be amazed by unique flavors of the Gironde caviar and Bordeaux Wine. Family Groups, Seminars, we welcome you every day by reservation

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Welcome to the "Moulin de la Cassadotte" !

Come to visit our place and see the élevage d' esturgeon caviar in Gironde Arcachon Bay in the very heart for Arcachon - least to 30 minute of Bordeaux - Discover natural product and food gastronomy of Bordeaux and South West of France - Tour is open for individuals - groups - Incentive - Seminaries - School Groups, Tourists, VIP...

During the visiting, we will introduce you with these differents points :


    History of the Moulin


    Presentation of the place
    The fish living and reproduction
    The process to product the Caviar of Gascogny / Caviar of France

The Visiting Tour will be ending with a wine-taste : our selection of wine coming from prestigious properties in France ( Sauternes, Saint Emilion, Pomerol) all are wine from Bordeaux.

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Did you know Bordeaux is celebrated for its good food, as well as its fine wine? Indeed, with over 20 produce markets and several Michelin-starred restaurants, Bordeaux is one of France's gastronomic capitals. If you can, visit the St Michael Market (Saturday mornings) during your stay in Bordeaux. It's the perfect introduction to French food culture. Don't forget to try local specialities such as oysters, cep mushrooms, asparagus, and the delicious dessert cannelet of Bordeaux !

With its glorious wines and exquisite cuisine full of finesse, the Bordeaux region is a magnificent gastronomic centre, with Bordeaux as the capital of gourmet pleasures.


Restaurants abound in the city. It wouldn't be fair to single one out as they all do their utmost to maintain the city's long-standing reputation as "Gourmet Bordeaux".

Some specialities of Bordeaux :
Oysters from the Bassin d'Arcachon, which bring the salty tang of the Ocean
Sole from the Côte d'Argent or 'Advocates Tongues' from the Bassin d'Arcachon
Pibales, tiny eels prepared in the crisp and crunchy 'Spanish' style
Eel Fricassee with the flavours of lightly browned garlic and parsley intermingled
Lamprey served in a 'Bordelaise' sauce based on red wine
Shad, fished from the river from April to June and grilled over vine twigs
Sturgeon, which gives caviar and melt-in-the-mouth flesh
Foie gras served partially cooked or still in its fat
Purple and green asparagus from Blayais and the Landes respectively
Cep mushrooms gently cooked with chopped garlic and parsley
Young lamb from Pauillac tender and slightly tangy
Bazas beef entrecote, a famous attraction during the "Boeuf Gras" fair
Entrecote bordelaise, sprinkled with parsley and grilled over vine twigs
Palombe (woodpigeon) salmis, served in a wine sauce with garlic croutons
Caudéranaise snails, traditionally eaten on Ash Wednesday
Royans, freshly-caught sardines - eaten raw or cooked over a wood fire
Tourin, a soup cooked with garlic and thickened by eggs -
    the egg yolks overcome the sharpness of the stock
Tricandilles, pork tripe seasoned with garlic and a dash of finely ground fresh pepper
Grenier médocain, the local andouillette and gratton de Lormont, a sort of terrine
Canelé the local pastry delicacy - both creamy and crunchy

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Visit tasting of regional products in the Gironde: Welcome to the Moulin de la Cassadotte learn a single visit to the Gironde élevage d' esturgeon, Manufacturing Gironde caviar, History Moulin, Tasting Products Regional Basin of Arcachon and 'Aquitaine: Huitres Bassin d' Arcachon and Cap Ferret including oysters Banc d 'Arguin, Vin Bordeaux, Gironde caviar & Tourism Enotourism in partnership with prestigious Châteaux Bordelais Group seminar, wedding, cocktail party catering, reception VIP Group & Committee undertaking the Basin of Arcachon Cap Ferret Aquitaine and the southwest region, Recepció of schools (educational journey to discover the breeding of sturgeon) Case Gironde Tourism Reception Group Seminar Basin of Arcachon - Le Moulin Cassadotte the place is also ideal for family weekends or holidays what do the week end on the basin of Arcachon? How does one makes caviar? What to visit in Aquitaine? Where to eat oysters in Gironde? What are the castles where wines taste the wine of Bordeaux? What is the current program and the Basin of Arcachon? What is the schedule of tours & tasting of regional products in Gironde? Le Moulin de la Cassadotte is available to offer you an exceptional moment. Contact us & book your visit!


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